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Your All-In-One Encouragement Bootcamp

Your All-In-One Encouragement Bootcamp!

▷▷▷ Go from #GoingBackToBed ... to Encouraged From Within and READY to Create your Dream Life, Build your Creative Business . . .  or simply enjoy your day creating something Beautiful!

(Go get 'em, you Creative Babe, you!)


*This workshop is normally $27.00 -- snag it for FREE!

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Seriously. You don't want to miss out on this one!

What I'll be showing you in this FREE Creative Workshop . . . 

  • Why SELF-DOUBT and FEELING DISCOURAGED shouldn't be the thing holding you back.
  • How SEEING why you're amazing, strong, capable, and powerful can give you the courage to create your dream life (for real this time). 
  • Why ENCOURAGING YOURSELF FROM WITHIN is your greatest super-power -- and it isn't even a time-suck or hard to do!
Oooh! I Want To Learn ALL OF THAT!

What You'll Learn:

  • "Take A Deep Breath" technique to #EnergyCheck back to powerful vibes.
  • How to use words to overcome negativity . . . even if that negativity is coming from your own thoughts.
  • The Yin & Yang Method to stop feeling discouraged . . . even though 2020 is the worst year ever.
  • ⭐️ BONUS TRAINING!! 3 Ways Encouraging Myself From Within Up-Leveled My Creative Business, My Creative Goals, And My Creative Life! And how it will up-level yours, too!
Yes! I NEED To Learn How To Encourage Myself!!

Snag your seat (hey girl!) and I'll walk you through the How, What, and Why of learning how to encourage yourself from within -- even though 2020 has been SO hard.

Together, you''ll say "Byeeee 👋🏻" to negative vibes and discover HOW to easily "throw out" negative comments, self-doubt, opinions from friends or family who don't support you, and over-all feeling like a failure in the social media popularity contest. 


EVEN IF . . . 

+ Your creative goals, creative business, or life in general have come to a screeching halt (because, you know, 2020) -- but you aren't ready to give up yet.

+ You're struggling to get out of bed in the morning, but deep down you know you just need to "get to work". 

+ You're feeling very discouraged about how you'll keep your creative business going in 2020 -- and can't afford to invest thousands of dollars on business coaches that don't ever seem to work for you.

+ You don't have a steady flow of support or encouragement in your life -- but you're ready to do the work to make your dreams happen.

+ You're wondering if it's time to just "give up" on your creative dream -- even if that would make you unhappy.

+ You have a creative heart, and you get discouraged easily when other people around you question if it's worth it for you to keep trying. 


Hey Creative Babe!

My name is Maggie Ann Ryan. I used to be the most insecure girl in the room. Today I teach creative hearts and dreamers like you how to feel beautiful, be confident, and fearlessly chase your dreams. 

Need More Details?

I got you, girl! ✨ The #1 Thing You Need To Know? ▷ This is NOT your stereotypical online workshop!


Your All-In-One Encouragement Bootcamp is 45 minutes long -- and you can take it whenever (and how many times) you want!

There's a BEAUTIFUL Journal Download!

Follow along the workshop in this beautiful and inspiring journal download. ✨ PLUS: Learn the life-changing mindset shift that will change how you see yourself!

Join From The Comfort Of Your Bed!

GIRL -- It's a dream come true! 😉 Puppies + Yoga Pants are welcome. So are snacks! Obviously.

Join author @realmaggieann to start saying, "Discouragement? We don't know her!"

It's a lot easier than you think.