Wildflowers & Words

A Creative Workshop To Stop Feeling Discouraged


Go From #SoDiscouraged to Empowered & Encouraged in 45 Minutes . . . No Matter What Anyone Else Says!

Say "Byeee👋🏾" to Negative Vibes in this On-Demand Creative Workshop!


What You'll Learn:

  • "Take A Deep Breath" technique to #EnergyCheck back to powerful vibes. 
  • How to use words to overcome negativity . . . even if that negativity is coming from your own thoughts. 
  • Discover what to actually do after someone tells you that you are not good enough. (The answer will surprise you!) 

What All Is Included?

  • Interactive: A beautiful and inspiring journal download to guide you through the workshop
  • On-Demand: 45 minute on-demand video so you can take this workshop on your time
  • Reusable: Guided meditation to help you get in the right mindset to get the MOST out of this workshop ... no matter how many times you take it


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