Go From "Blaahh" to Confident & Glowing in 45 minutes . . . No Matter What You Think You Look Like!

How To Feel Beautiful; An On-Demand Creative Workshop

Beauty comes from within. Forget serums, makeup, fashion, perfect hair, weight loss ... in this creative workshop you will learn HOW to actually feel beautiful from the inside out!

I Want To Feel Confident & Glowing!

Find Your Confidence

Quiet the ugly thoughts and #EnergyCheck back to body positivity, self-love, and confidence!

Find Your Beautiful

Discover the difference between "omg you're so pretty" and real, unshakable beauty that no one can take away from you

And Glow!

Learn the SECRET trick to Be Confident & Glowing No Matter Where You Are (or who you are talking to!)

Beauty has nothing to do with what you look like or what you're wearing. 

Want to know the difference between these two photos?

On the right, I actually feel beautiful. On the left, I don't. 

I Want To Feel Beautiful!

Learn How To Discover Your Own Unshakeable Beauty!


Say Hello to a Beautiful You in this 45 min Creative Workshop!


What You'll Learn:

  • "Take A Deep Breath" Technique to #EnergyCheck whenever/wherever you need it
  • Discover WHY unshakeable beauty that comes from within is  SO much more powerful than receiving compliments about your appearance (AND how to access it!)
  • The "Breathe & Glow" method to feel confident, supported, and beautiful from within
  • A really simple way to feel comfortable taking up space (so you can stop hiding your amazing and start every day with confidence!)


What All Is Included?

  • Private: This workshop is designed to feel safe, uplifting, and empowering! Put your headphones in or find a quiet place to get the most out of this workshop
  • On-Demand: 45 minute on-demand video so you can take this workshop on your time
  • Reusable: 15 min guided meditation to help you get in the right mindset to get the MOST out of this workshop ... no matter how many times you take it


* Bonus!! I'll teach you the SECRET TRICK to feel beautiful and glowing no matter where you are -- or who you are talking to! 


This workshop is $27.00

I Want To Feel Beautiful!

"This workshop will show you the EXACT same method I use (literally) every single day. These heart tools changed everything for me. I'm serious. I used to be so insecure I couldn't even show my face on my IG. Now, I feel like the most beautiful woman in the room -- no matter what I'm wearing! Feeling truly beautiful changes things. You become more confident, you laugh more, and your energy transforms into a sort of magnet. Trust me -- you'll be glowing!"

♡ Maggie Ann

Author, CEO Bodie & Ryan Co.

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Learn how to find your own beautiful and bask in your glow (yes, for real)!

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