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podcast Jun 20, 2020

Y'all I am SO excited to share the debut episode of "For The Creative Hearts" Podcast!

Hi! 👋🏻 My name is Maggie Ann Ryan. I am a fiction and poetry author and the CEO of Bodie & Ryan Co. This is the For The Creative Heart’s Podcast. 


This episode is just the trailer. If you haven’t yet, subscribe! We are all about real talk and positive vibes here.

The goal is self-love and big dreams, but first we must step past our fears and declare boldly to the world, “I am confident. I am beautiful. And yes, I CAN accomplish the impossible.”

Here you’ll find a mix of self-discovery, entrepreneurship, and creativity.

If you struggle with feeling like the most insecure girl in the room, if you are tired of not fitting in and feeling too awkward to speak up or be seen, if you are surrounded by people who think creativity should remain a hobby, and / or if you love creating, crafting, imagining, deep thinking, self-care, and enjoying the struggle along the way … then this podcast is for you.

Please subscribe, and if you love it, share it!

♡ Maggie Ann



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