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Bodie & Ryan Co. is a boutique community that offers online workshops, live community, and more to show you *how* to be confident, feel beautiful, and walk your own creative path!

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Say 'byeee👋🏽" to negativity and #EnergyCheck back to positivity, inspiration, and motivation!

** This 45 minute on-demand creative workshop is normally $27.00 --snag it for FREE!

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Meet CEO/Founder Maggie Ann Ryan

@realmaggieann ♡ is a fiction / poetry author who is fascinated with creating a life in which she feels confident, beautiful, and like she belongs. She founded Bodie & Ryan Co. to help other Creative Hearts do the same.


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Bodie & Ryan Co. Is For The Creative Hearts

Especially if . . .

You struggle with insecurity and want to feel beautiful and confident so you can stop hiding from the life you dream of living.

You are tired of not fitting in, feeling too awkward to speak up, or being surrounded by people who think your creativity should remain a hobby.

You love creating, crafting, and imagining ... but you don't know what your next step is, or how to take that step; or if your creative dreams are even possible for you.

Bodie & Ryan Co. helps creative women and creative queens discover their courage and step onto the creative path they were meant to walk.

Do the hard things. Heal the pain. Take risks. Speak up. Move freely. Be amazing. Be beautiful.

Be you!


See It.

You are so beautiful, talented, courageous, and capable ... but for many of us it's hard to see how amazing we actually are.

Believe It.

Everything changes when you internalize what you see. The barriers come down and things start falling into place.

Be it.

Becoming this amazing, beautiful, courageous version of you is the final step -- but no-one ever shows you how.

That's what makes Bodie & Ryan Co. different.

Get Full Access To The Newest Creative Workshop, "How To Feel Beautiful"!

Go From "Blahh" to Confident & Glowing . . .

. . . No Matter What You Think You Look Like!

Beauty comes from within.
Forget serums, makeup, fashion, perfect hair, weight loss . . . 
Learn HOW to actually feel beautiful from the inside-out in this 45 minute On-Demand Creative Workshop!


Feel Beautiful ♡

You don't want to miss out on this one!

This Is What Everyone's Raving About!

"Y'all I was seriously so insecure. I never spoke my mind and I always had trouble with showing my artwork to anyone. With Bodie & Ryan Co., I learned that I already have everything I need inside me to feel safe just being me. Maggie's techniques to bring that confidence out in me has improved my life so much! "

Summer J.
I am a painter

"This is going to sound weird, but I really struggle with self-image. I've never thought I was thin enough or beautiful enough or fashionable enough. But these workshops have shown me that I am beautiful! Just being me!! "

Riley T.
English Major

"The biggest shift for me was going from "seeing" it to "being" it. Embodying my creativity and who I am is life changing! Even my mom is here for it!"

Oliver P.

"I've never wanted a 9-5 grind lifestyle, but I didn't really know how to go from wanderlusting gypsy to a business owner. Maggie helped with the hardest part -- the confidence to actually go for it. Seriously thank you!! "

Merry S.
Etsy Shop Owner

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Come together online for a weekly #EnergyCheck to reset towards positivity, courage, and possibility. What you get is support and encouragement to make it happen. ♡ DOORS OPEN IN ...









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